Friday, September 24, 2010

A word on denim

Ever since men were men, jeans were worn.

Need cheap jeans? Levi's. Cheap price, great quality. Here's some of the cuts you should be looking at:

The 511: Start here. This is the "skinny" cut, although in my opinion the name is a misnomer. It's a slim leg cut down from the waist to the ankle. It doesn't look like the "hot topic skinny jean" you're thinking of right now.

Remember though, fit is everything. If you can't find a pair of the 511s which fits you properly (your upper body is too large or your legs are too large; look for something to compliment your body's natural lines) then you can either go for the 510s or the 501s.

The 510 is the Super Skinny fit. ONLY BUY THIS IF YOUR LEGS ARE TWIGS AND YOUR FRAME IS SMALL. Otherwise you just look like a girl.

The 501 is the Regular fit. It's straight leg down from the waist to the ankle. These are looser than the 511s. (can't find a good youtube video)

Okay so let's say that you have some more cash to put down. Now let's talk about rawwwwww denimmmmm.

Raw denim is simply unwashed denim. It is a single, solid color that is supposed to be worn quite frequently so the fades develop naturally to your everyday motions. In the end, these will turn out better than any pre-washed denim out there.

The best (and cheapest) raw denim out there is Cheap Monday. You can find a pair of raws for $60 that fit and look great.

If you STILL have more money to spend, some of the high-end brands include G-Star, Naked and Famous, and Nudies. Since this is a fashion blog for plebs, I won't touch up on this too much. 

A final word on denim upkeep
Wash your denim as infrequently as possible. If they get dirty, then wash them with cold water. Don't put it in the dryer. If they start to smell, just febreeze it or something. Denim naturally smells odd. This rule goes double for raw denim (you typically should not wash raw denim until after six months of whoring it out). 

Now go ahead and look awesome!   

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Okay, let's get this started: standard fashion tips for plebs!

First of all, let's get this out of the way: "isn't that really gay?"

No, it's not. The first thing people judge you upon is your appearance. If you look good, people will think highly of you. There is nothing wrong with looking like you give a damn.

Where to begin: Shoes
Shoes are the most important part of a man's attire. Period. If your shoes don't match, you look goofy. Don't be afraid to splurge on a nice pair of shoes. This is what I wear, and for the price they're not bad:

1) Onitsuka Tiger by Asic - The everyday and very basic athletic/casual shoe. Comes in a whole lot of colors.
2) Espresso Black Leather by Bostonian - Round cap (toe) oxfords. These are for more formal occasions, or if there's a dress code.
3) Check out the pair of boots in the previous post. Yeah they're expensive, but Red Wing boots are worth it. Save up!

The number one rule of fashion: Fit. Is. Everything.

You can buy the most expensive clothing at JCrew or 7 For All Mankind, but if it doesn't fit, you will look awful. Make sure that no matter what you buy it fits just well enough so it doesn't look overstretched. TIP: If it's longer/shorter than your shoulders, don't buy it.

Next up: accessories

More important than your clothing is the accessory. Gentlemen of all ages should have:
1) A watch. I have a Bulova watch as I find it to be the perfect combination of price and quality. 
2) An umbrella. Plain black will do.
3) A leather wallet. Any color will do.
*Optional* 4) Eyeglasses. Even if you're not near/far-sighted, check out some of the vintage eyewear at
5) A nice leather belt. PROTIP: Make sure the leathers of your attire match (if you are wearing black leather shoes, wear a black leather belt).

Finally! The clothing! 
 That is all. Check out the essentials.

And that's just about it. Pic is simply me in your basic button-up shirt, taken in scenic my bathroom.

Dem Boots.

The Iron Rangers by Red Wing Shoes. They are gorgeous, and they look really good with the 511 cut.

Link to Zappos

First post!

This is just my silly blog about the clothing I wear and what I wish to wear, such as this:

  1.  Polo I bought at target for $3!
  2. American Apparel tri-blend purple tee.
  3. White leather belt from Macy's
  4. Levi's 511s noir fade.
  5. Pair of Onitsuka Tigers by Asic. 
  6. Chrome-polished strainless steel Bulova watch.
Black denim is in because black denim is so metal.