Thursday, September 23, 2010

First post!

This is just my silly blog about the clothing I wear and what I wish to wear, such as this:

  1.  Polo I bought at target for $3!
  2. American Apparel tri-blend purple tee.
  3. White leather belt from Macy's
  4. Levi's 511s noir fade.
  5. Pair of Onitsuka Tigers by Asic. 
  6. Chrome-polished strainless steel Bulova watch.
Black denim is in because black denim is so metal.


  1. That's quite an outfit you have there. Very cheap, as well! (I do mean that in a good way.)

  2. do able, but then again i don't like to copy ppl, but then again mainstream is all about copying >__<

  3. d00d, JCpenny is having a sale
    so is calvin klein!